December 2021

Holiday Decor Ideas for Apartments

Looking to come up with holiday decor for your apartment that’s both reassuringly traditional and distinctly you? Here are five easy ways to quickly fill your home with the Christmas spirit.

Try a Different Tree

The classic Christmas tree is traditionally an evergreen pine or fir tree. Put your personal touch on your holiday decor with an artistic take on this winter staple.

Want to stay natural but still think outside the box? Bring a little Southwestern flavor to your Brooklyn apartment by building your holiday arrangement around a Christmas cactus or Christmas succulent rather than a pine tree.

Mix the Colors

Part of the fun of the holidays is observing tradition, but you can bust out of the ordinary by ditching the classic red-and-green color scheme.

Experiment with a different base color combination. Aqua and gold, pink and yellow, or green and blue all make for unique looks. You can also go for a high-contrast black-and-white design for a, particularly arresting approach.

Make Scents

Scent is the human sense most closely tied to memory. Placing some high-quality scented candles in your living room and bedroom can do a lot to bring out that childhood Christmas spirit.

Classic holiday scents are peppermint, gingerbread, and cinnamon. For a fully put-together look to your decor, look for candles in colors that match your unique palette choice.

Pare Down

Sometimes less is more, especially in apartment decor. Rather than going big and flashy, save space while increasing visual impact by going for a minimalist look.

A small tabletop Christmas tree decorated with only gently glowing white lights can create a serene scene. An arrangement of a few fresh, bare twigs placed in a mason jar and ringed by tea lights also evokes winter’s tranquility.

Look Up

Garlands and ornaments aren’t just for Christmas trees. Make the most of a small space by using chandeliers and other ceiling lighting to hang some of your classic decorations.

This unique approach helps keep some of your table and floor space free. It’s also a good way of placing some mistletoe in an unexpected location for a quick Christmas smooch.

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Image by Oxik