Modern Living.

Welcome to The Vitagraph. Featuring new one, two, and three bedroom apartments, The Vitagraph celebrates the quintessential “old Brooklyn” neighborhood of Midwood while bringing modern living back to the forefront.

Exterior of The Vitagraph Apartments in Brooklyn
Paying homage to its historical grounds, the developers took pride in preserving the iconic smokestack—a distinctive tower and elegant salute to the early days of motion picture studios.
Offering a comprehensive suite of brand new amenities spaces, The Vitagraph is a truly inspired living experience.

No more settling for less.

New York living no longer means settling for less. The Vitagraph is designed with the modern New Yorker at heart: an all-inclusive lifestyle vision.

The area often cited as “Brooklyn’s best-kept secret,” borders Ditmas Park and Kensington. This hidden gem is comprised of large, free-standing homes with lawns and trees, a substantial and attractive historic district, and subway stops for three express trains.

Bringing modern living back to the forefront.