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Green apartments in Brooklyn near Sheepshead

Get Ready for Earth Day at the Vitagraph

Earth Day is approaching! This April 22, celebrate earth day by making lifestyle changes that can make your home a cleaner and safer environment. There are many things you can do to prepare. Even living in an apartment, you can take steps to live a greener lifestyle. Here’s what we suggest.  

Turn Off Light Bulbs

It’s a habit to leave lights on when we leave the room – after all, if you leave the lights on, then they’ll be on and waiting for you when you come back into the room! Turning off the lights saves energy and money, so it’s good to get into the habit of turning off lights when you leave the room. 

Some people have a harder time remembering to do this than others. If you’re one of those people who always forgets to turn off the lights, try buying smart light bulbs, which can be easily turned on and off from a panel on your smartphone.  

Change Your Heating and Cooling Habits

Adjust your thermostat to reduce your HVAC usage when it’s time for bed. This might mean letting your apartment get a little colder than you might like, or a little warmer than you might like.

Either way, adjusting the temperature of your home can save energy and money. Use your programmable thermostat to change the temperature of your home strategically, and adjust the temperature just enough so that your house will be comfortable by the time you’re awake. 

Switch to Reusable Items

Stop throwing away plastic straws and plastic bags. Instead, keep reusable versions of those products in your house. Metal straws, cloth bags and other reusable items help keep garbage out of landfills and can also save you money over time. Check out this comprehensive list of reusable items.

Reusable items in apartment near Sheepshead

Make Safe Cleaning Products At Home

Many standard cleaning products are toxic. You can make your own safe cleaning products at home with household goods that you probably have in your kitchen. Using items like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, you can make safe, environmentally friendly cleaning products that are effective for cleaning your counters. 

Clean Your Home’s Air

Experts say that it takes about 2 houseplants per 100 square feet of space in your home to keep your home’s air clean. Fill your apartment with houseplants and reap the rewards of clean air! If you’re not comfortable growing plants, we suggest growing a pothos plant – they’re easy to care for and rewarding to grow.  

Come Join Us At the Vitagraph

Are you interested in one, two, and three bedroom apartments in Brooklyn near Sheepshead Bay? Come see what it’s like to live at the Vitagraph. Our residents are preparing for Earth Day – you can join us in the action! Call today to make an appointment to learn more about renting at the Vitagraph – and come see our available units!